History of Mountain Climbing

History of Mountain Climbing
Mountain climbing can be considered an extreme sport, but can also be a fantastic workout for people of all ages. Whether a person is climbing Mount Everest or just touring the Appalachian Mountains, nature supports vast difficulty levels of exercise to many different areas.
For beginners, going over to the Northwest of United States there is Mount Hood in Oregon. Mount Hood is approximately 11,240 feet high. The environment is surrounded with snow and can be a great novice snow climb to get the heat generating through your body. Utilizing equipment such as ice axes and crampons on this mountain can also be a really good introduction to snow climbing.

Mount Hood, Oregon 11,240 feet
Moving up in the difficulty level of mountain climbing features Pikes Peak in Colorado. Pikes Peak holds a lot of great trails in this vast area and can be a fun journey for many people. I know a guy who does crawl space repair near me that has been to Mount Hood several times.  It’s a great training ground for going straight up to the top. If you are still a novice climber, there is a railway to go back down to view more of the great scenery around the vast ranges. On the North side of the mountain, there is a road where cars can head up the mountain. This mountain is great for beginner climbers and can feel a lot of satisfaction when you reach the top.

Pikes Peak, Colorado 14,114 feet
Now heading back over to the Northeast provides Mount Katahdin in Maine. At the top of the mountain, there is a height of approximately 5,269 feet. This is the highest mountain in Maine and is good for people who are first experiencing a climb without having to deal with extremely cold conditions and having to hold onto ice picks consistently throughout the journey. The word, “Katahdin” means “The Greatest Mountain”. This particular word came from the Penobscot Indians. In Northern New England, this famous mountain had gotten the attention of painters, many hikers, climbers, and geographists.

Mount Katahdin, Maine 5,269 feet
If you like comfortable warm temperatures while you are climbing, Olomana Mountain in Hawaii might be just the place for you. It’s not too high but enough to climb comfortably or to go for a nice cardio workout, this would be the place. The height of this mountain stands tall at 1,643 feet. It is located in Kailua, Hawaii. This is no ordinary mountain, this beautiful vast land holds the color of green everywhere you go. Another reason to climb this mountain is the fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean. If it gets too hot for you to climb, don’t worry, there is checkpoint peaks that you can stop at and head back down the route. Just make sure you stay hydrated and bring lots of water as you journey up this rugged terrain. This area is also great for taking panoramic view pictures, and it is definitely worth it.